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Welcome to HPN DVR Security
Kodicom, Geovision, KD-Net, K card, DF-HD, DVR Capture Cards with Software by DSS, DigiNet, DVW, Digital Video Witness, ViewMax. Cameras by Sony, GE, Cop, Bosch, Vitek, KT & C, Everfocus, Pelco, PTZ's, Wireless Cameras
State of the Art Video Surveillance Systems
What is DVR? DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDING. Not only have we put this technology to the test, but use it in our LIVE Streaming Productions.
Home owners don't be afraid, these systems are affordable, not just for the corporate budget. Now you too can purchase state of the art video security with all you can imagine. Don't believe, try our demos.
New IR day -night cameras
HPN DVR Cameras for all situations


The DVR cards that HPN offer, are todays state of the art in video capture technology. There are thousands of new DVR companies opening out there everyday, but only few that are STABLE and RELIABLE!.

A PC is not just a PC, most people think that you just slap together a simple pc, add a capture card and you got yourself a DVR system. NOT QUITE! HPN works with this technology day in and day out with our video broadcast production editing, animation and post productions. This is all simular when it comes down to it, capture with stability, lossless quality and more importantly, view the capture with clear crisp video output. NOT this Fuzzy logic that everyone claims to be full screen.

In order to achieve just some of these points, you must first of all have a good working PC, tweaked for its installed Hardware and Software. HPN knows how important it is to have the job done right no matter what it takes. NO Short cuts! To take this to note, we are more then confident that our cards that we offer are only the state of the art tech.

We can't afford any less! You can trust those who trust there product! 100%

With triple compression at an amazing 720 x 480 res. with 480 fps real time, you are able to display palyback and record simultaneously with multi channel video inputs. (remote from LAN / Internet). Motion Jpeg with varialbe settings for max performance!

HPN now offers custom DVR security systems that are the lowest price for the BEST technology. We custom built your system/s to suit your needs, from corporate multi channel security to professional multi channel video productions. We know video!

Business Diagram #1
Home Diagram #2
NO MORE Tapes!

Know your way around a PC? Well, HPN also offers state of the art DVR cards for the lowest price. These cards come with software and hardware that make it easy for you to turn you home / business PC into a Hi~quality security system!

Don't have a PC but need security? HPN has just the right answer.We give you all options. New affordable PTZ security system that comes with everything that you need ready to go. Easy to install system allows pan and tilt with up to 4 cameras that give you the security that you were looking for.

Mobile DVR Systems with Black box

HPN offers Professional Mobile DVR systems with 2/4 Channel Stand-Alone Real-Time Mobile Digital Video Recorder System. This is the #1 most popular MOBILE DVR World Wide. Brand new to the market!

contact us for ordering information at: 1 (877) 332-3024 info@hpndvr.com

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